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The recorded history of Indian “Persian Design” carpets began in the 16th century when Mughal Emperor Akbar invited Persian master weavers to India and commissioned royal workshops within the palace grounds. these pioneer weavers introduced designs from Kirman, Kashan, Isfahan, and Herat. Indian weavers adopted the craft and over time the design evolved, reflecting local influences. The best-known carpets of the Mughal era are, the scenic or pictorial pieces inspired by Persian designs.

In the Mughal Empire, the weaver enjoyed respect, status, facilities, and privileges. Using the finest raw materials and by the royal commission, extraordinary pieces were produced, pieces that adorn the world’s leading museums today.

In time, many noble houses and countries came to set up looms in their private fiefdoms, patronizing their favorite weavers and designs. Exquisitely woven carpets with knots varying from 700 to 1500 per square inch are a testimony to the high level of skill.

The revival of this noble craft had to wait until the middle of the 20th century when CIE surrogated upon the Mughal imperial patronage by taking carpet production to impeccable standards using certified materials all under CIE expert supervision.

Our infrastructure, support, and respect for the art enabled it to flourish once again to a standard upon which a Mughal emperor would not frown.

Carpets produced by the royal workshops of the 16th century and CIE weavers of today have developed significantly from those of the Persian or Central Asian nomads where they originated. The styles that the Mughal court creations were patterned upon have taken on greater elaboration, complexity, and sophistication. As a result, we have garden scenes, hunting, scenes, floral designs, landscapes, and court scenes to augment the simple geometrical pattern of earlier periods.

To unveil the secrets of all the harmonious elements of Kashmir Carpets is virtually impossible as such subtlety of design and production is developed through generations of mastery. Added to the design element is the Indian sense of color. Indians have been undisputed masters of the art of dying for centuries, managing to achieve luminous hues, warm, and subdued at the same time, that animate their work with incredible subtlety.

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